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The Story of
Tom's Diner and

We are a third generation family
business. A small canteen was started
in 1947 selling ice cream, pop, and bars
through out the summer months.

The following year Helen's Lunch
tookshape going into home made pies
and sandwiches. Helen's Lunch expanded
to include home cooked meals until
1984 and was owned and operated by
Helen and Colin Burrell. In 1987
Thomas Marshall (grandson) bought the
business and opened up Tom's Pizzeria
(take-out) with pizzas, subs, and
donairs. In 2012 the buisness was
bought by his sister Deborah MacKenzie

Drop by, enjoy a Freshly
prepared Pizza and have an ovenight
stay at Helen's cabins located next door.
Looking forward to seeing you.

Deborah L Mackenzie, Owner and Operator

Helen & Colin Burrell

Helen's Lunch
July 1947

Helen's Lunch
Aug 1951

Helen's Lunch
June 1953

Tom's Pizzeria
June 2001
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